Line diagram$50/hour
Colored line diagram$60/hour
Shaded Diagram$70/hour
3D Diagram$100/hour + $30/render

If you’re interested in using my existing illustrations for a non-profit project, simply follow the guidelines of the Creative Commons BY-NC-ND license (Donation appreciated but not required). Many of my images can be found within my Radiopaedia case library.​ If you would like to use my images for a commercial purpose, please contact me to discuss pricing and licensing options. Commissioned illustrations may be requested, with the cost dependent on the complexity of the project. Quotes given are based on a non-exclusive copyright license, and can typically be delivered within 2-4 weeks depending on my availability. The table below outlines the basic fee structure for various types of illustrations. Please contact me via email for a quote if you would like to commission an illustration.

Requesting illustrations


The old adage “a picture speaks a thousand words” is exceptionally apparent in medical art, as sometimes a simple image is all that is needed to easily convey a large amount of complex information. Similarly, poor images can easily confuse a subject, which is why I think it is valuable to have a medical professional producing these images.

The ability medical illustrations have to shallow the learning curve in a meaningful way is what drives me to spend countless hours creating such images. I think that my background in radiology and chiropractic medicine, as well as firm belief in science-based medicine help refine the accuracy and appeal of the images I create.

​To the surprise of many, I don’t think of myself as an artist. I simply fell into creating medical illustrations out of a desire to improve my effectiveness as an educator in radiology. My understanding of medical illustration is entirely self-taught from free, on-line resources which is why I make the vast majority of my illustrations freely available for viewing and use under a minimally restrictive creative commons license. I believe that as we all gain critical skills and information from such free resources, it is our responsibility to return the favor.

Medical Illustration