Print size (inches)

Stretched Canvas

Standard print

10 2018075 
11 1418075
12 1820080
14 30, 12 24255*110
16 24250110
20 30350*185*
20 40400200
24 36450*230*
30 40500280
40 60600
A wide variety of other sizes and printing options are available upon request   
*Highly recommended

Depending on your internet speed, photos may take up to several minutes to load.

Print pricing

The table below outlines the cost for commonly sized prints on different media. The recommended and most commonly ordered option is a 1.5 inch deep stretched premium canvas print, sized 24x36. Standard prints are created on archival quality metallic photo paper and mounted to a firm substrate for framing. Additional printing options are available upon request. You can request a price quote for free with no obligation to order.

Only 20 prints of each picture in my collection will ever be created with few exceptions. Once 20 prints of a given photo  have been created it will be permanently retired, but may remain on digital display in this gallery. Your print will come with a signed certificate indicating its print number and information about the image. 


Head shot sessions are 30 minutes in length, and you will be provided with two full-resolution images of your choosing. All images are professionally edited to remove blemishes, stray hairs, etc, as well as to optimize color, contrast, lighting and exposure, so that you look your best and have an image you can be proud to display. Each session is $150, not including travel expenses for on-location shoots. Group discounts are available. Contact me to learn more or schedule a shoot.